Mobile Spray Tanning

Sunless Body Glo

We are a custom mobile spray tanning company that comes to you. That's right! You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home, hotel , office or party. We understand that busy lifestyles may not always allow you to fit a visit to a salon for that tan we all desire.

Mobile Tanning

Why should you consider spray tanning?

The process is very quick and easy for you to fit into any active lifestyle. It is the healthier alternative than UV tanning. A mobile appointment is less than 30 minutes and I will ensure no mess to your home. A spray tan is the quickest way to look at least 5-10 pounds thinner and it helps camouflage skin imperfections, cellulite, varicose veins, age spots and other skin issues. Plus your teeth and eyes will look brighter!

Airbrush tanning is perfect for any occasion including Bridal tanning, first dates, modeling shoots, beauty pageants, Cheer & dance comps, fashion shows & just to feel good!

Benefits To Spray Tanning

  • UV free and safe
  • Looks Natural
  • Works on all skin types
  • No fragrance or odor
  • Quick drying
  • You'll look healthier and feel better

Call Us (415) 309-7744

Each appointment includes a consultation to review your skin tone and answer any questions about the tanning process and the color you are looking to achieve. Complementary prep spray, shower caps and other items will be provided. You can wear whatever you are comfortable in (men must wear bottoms) and I will review a recommended post tan care regime before I leave so you know exactly what is required to maintain your beautiful tan and make it last.


Starting at $55 for an individual session

* Within immediate service area, please call us at 415-309-7744 to provide address for exact quote

By Appointment ONLY!